Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas

Gifts that everyone will fight over and strategies to win the best gifts

Why are white elephant gift exchanges so much fun? It could be because this popular gift exchange occurs during a holiday that obligates us to be merry and emanate peace on earth and good will toward men.  We’re not saying we don’t love this about the season, but it’s relieving to take a break from all the “niceness” and participate in a game that encourages rivalry, thievery and lots of shenanigans.

Coming up with white elephant gift ideas that will make everyone smile and envy your gift can be a challenge. Our apologies for the lack of gift wrap and shiny bow, but our present to you this Christmas is a list of creative white elephant gift ideas and some advice on how to come out on top in this game of mischief.

Funny, Fun Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas:

Figurine Fan with Swivel Top Cows

Imagine the excitement in the room when this little number is unwrapped. This fan puts the fun in functional and will trump all the other white elephant gift ideas. What else can we say about it other than it’s a gift that’s worth the MOO-la?

Strawberry Cupcake Candle

This adorable strawberry cupcake candle is great for games where white elephant gift ideas are restricted by a specified money limit. Whoever ends up with this gift will love its mouthwatering scent. Just make sure they don’t try to eat the candle, and include a cupcake mix with it, too!

Animal Wine HoldersAnimal Wine Holders

Party guests will be so enamored with these wine holders, that they won’t even notice the Two-Buck Chuck nested inside. They’ll be more inclined to question how you come up with such creative white elephant gift ideas than your choice of wine.

Elephant CandleElephant Candle

Have you ever noticed that there’s a lack of elephants at white elephant parties? Why not liven up the party with a playful pachyderm? Unscented, with a 100% cotton wick, this classy candle with elephant is perfect for people with a fragrance sensitivity. We also carry an elephant fan and an elephant luminary that would also serve as great white elephant gifts.

Tips on Winning: Disclaimer: We cannot be judged for the advice we are about to bestow upon you. This game’s nickname is Dirty Santa for a reason.

# 1 – The best way to go home happy is to pick your own gift! Let’s be honest. Can you really trust the other party guests to have as creative white elephant gift ideas as you do? No, you can’t! Chances are they didn’t do their prep work and read this article, so their gifts won’t be nearly as fabulous as yours.

# 2 – It’s imperative that you draw a high number. If by chance you do not pick a high number, no worries. Find a victim to swap numbers with. There will always be someone at the party who is new to the game or has had too much eggnog and will be easily convinced that lower numbers are better than higher ones (wink, wink).

#3 – Acting will improve your chances of winning the best white elephant gift ideas. If you unwrap a gift you really like, act disappointed so that no one is tempted to steal it from you. On the contrary, if someone unwraps a gift you really like, say something like, “Oh, that’s the gift that Daisy brought. She got a bad bug and has been vomiting all week!”

Now that you are a trained expert in white elephant gift ideas, and dominating the game, we wish you the best of luck. Remember, take mercy on nobody and be sure to visit Deco Breeze and check our blog for more helpful advice and decorating ideas. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Ellen says:

    What a great blog

  2. I respect your piece of work, thanks for all the useful articles .

  3. CookieMonster says:

    I have been to a few white elephant parties and most of the time the gifts that were being stolen the most were anything out of the ordinary. Usually something you don’t see every day that is still somewhat useful. With a gift limit of only $10, I was amaze at all the weird and wacky things I could get while keeping my bank account happy.

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