7 Purrrfect Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers (Yes, We Went There)

gifts for cat lovers Cat clock

Colorful Cat Clock

The feline fanatic in your life spends each holiday season unwrapping endless gifts of cat mugs, cat sweaters and cat calendars, all of which, while very cute, he or she has seen a million times. It’s time to think outside of the box and get something truly original. Detailed below are a few super unique Christmas gifts for cat lovers — give one a try and watch your kitty-loving friend purr in delight!

Cat-Shaped Soap

Great accent for the bathroom.  It’s hard to remember that little rule at times, but it’ll be a lot easier with kitty soap perched on the countertop!

Kitty Locket

There’s no better way to keep the picture of a furry friend safe and sound. Purrfect for those weekend trips when your favorite cat lover is missing his or her favorite feline!

Cat-Shaped Fan

When it gets hot and sticky and you just can’t settle down for a cat nap, the best solution is the addition of a nice breeze. This adorable fan should have you cooled down in no time!

James Herriot’s Cat Stories

James Herriot is best known as the author of All Creatures Great and Small, but he also produced a volume exclusively dedicated to cat stories. This classic will make a wonderful addition to any cat lover’s library!

Car Neck Pillow

Say goodbye to the aches and pains of long car trips! Give your the feline lover in your life a cat-shaped neck pillow in order to make future road trips far more enjoyable.


Otherwise known as the best Disney movie ever, an Aristocats DVD or Blu-Ray offers an excellent opportunity for cuddling on the couch with the kitty. Runner-up cat flicks include Milo and Otis, Thomasina or Garfield: The Movie.

Kit Cat Clock

This throwback to the 50s looks great on the wall of any kitty enthusiast’s home or apartment. For the ultimate in nostalgia, present your cat loving buddy with this adorable time keeper — and watch in awe as the clock cat’s tail swings to the tick tock beat! For a modern twist, take a look at this colorful desk cat clock!

For more cat home décor, be sure to check our DecoBREEZE.

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5 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Biggest Fan – Your Mom

thoughtful gift ideas for mom

Mosaic Glass Table Fan

The weather outside may or may not be frightful, but no matter the view out the window, your holiday to-do list should include finding the perfect gift for your mother. She’s your supporter, your inspiration and your number one fan, so as you craft your wish list, be sure to consider the following thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for mom:

Decor Fan

From Little League to dance recitals, your mom’s always been your biggest fan. Why not return the favor with…a fan? When sticky weather returns, your mother will find herself truly grateful for her fan’s cooling abilities — particularly if its intricate design fits in with the rest of her decor.

Vibrating Foot Massager

How many times has mom sacrificed the comfort of her feet in order to keep up with her ungrateful kids? Isn’t it time you return the favor? Give mom’s aching tootsies the treat they deserve: never-ending access to excellent foot massages!

Leather eReader Cover

Back in the day, mom spread her love for the written word by endless recitations of Dr. Seuss. Now, she’s free to read her own favorites. Foster this pursuit by giving her a fashionable case for her beloved eReader.

High-Quality Headphones

She listened to your squeaky trumpet, clapped at your disastrous piano recital and sold cookies to help raise money for the poorly-funded orchestra. Now, it’s time for your music-loving mama to feast ears on something a bit more sophisticated. Give her that opportunity with a fancy set of headphones.

Women’s NFL Apparel

Whether your mom supports the Patriots, the Broncos or the Packers, she’s probably sick of wearing that oversized jersey. It’s time to add a little pizzazz to that athletic wardrobe with a more feminine take on football apparel. Whether it’s a jersey cut for women or a specially designed fan dress, your mom will be eager to support her favorite team in her stylish new outfit.

Over the years, mom’s sacrificed immeasurably to ensure your wellbeing. Let her know how grateful you are this year — think outside of that perfectly wrapped holiday box!

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5 Hot Christmas Gift Ideas for the Coolest Wife in the World

Christmas gift ideas for wife Your wife puts up with your constant belching, your smelly feet and all kinds of other atrocities, so it’s high time you treat her to something truly special. This year, get your super cool wife one of the following hot Christmas gifts:

Active Sunglasses

It may still be winter, but it’s never too early to get your wife a pair of outdoorsy sunglasses that she can use during next summer’s weekend trips. Look for shades specifically designated as athletic, as these will protect her eyes from harmful UV rays and stay on her face when she’s sweating on sticky days.

Decorative Fan

Is your wife very particular about interior design? You might have noticed that certain items, though useful, simply don’t make the cut for her esthetic preferences. A decorative fan will give her all the practicality of a standard fan, but without the usual ugly appearance.

Leather Jacket

Nothing says hot, edgy chick like a stylish leather jacket. In warmer climates, this provides more than enough heat to get through your slightly chilly day without overwhelming (as a more substantial winter coat surely would). And if you’re a fan of motorcycles, this gift doubles as an invitation to the open road.

Personalized Water Bottle

Hydration is essential, but remembering to get those eight cups a day is tough. But if you slap an adorable picture of you or your wife on a stainless steel bottle, she’ll never be far from water. Customizing water bottles is super easy in today’s internet age, so upload a favorite photo and get started!

Rolling Craft Bag

Christmas gifts for wife- wine decor

Is your wife obsessed with scrapbooking? Or is she a fiend with a sewing machine? Either way, she’ll definitely appreciate the improved storage space and accessibility of a rolling craft bag. For an extra special touch, add in some cute scrapbooking embellishments or cloth patterns for her next big project.

Your wife’s the ultimate hottie, but she also sports a refreshingly cool personality. This Christmas, put some thought into finding a gift that reflects both sides of your partner in crime.

Wine Home Decor

If your wife loves wine, add to her collection with classic wine decor. With things like candles and votive sets, you’ll find the perfect gift. Simply gift her favorite bottle with one of these pieces.

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How to Warm Your Home with a Fan

When winter arrives, the debate begins with your significant other as to how high to turn up the heater. You want to be toasty warm, yet your husband doesn’t want to spend his entire paycheck paying the high heating bills. Both of you would love to come to a happy meeting ground on this subject every year.

The answer could be as close looking up at your ceiling. Did you know there is something known as “winter fans?”  Winter fans, including ceiling fans you may currently have in your living room and bedroom, can actually make the room feel warmer; saving you money and energy, enabling you to leave the thermostat at a lower setting.

How is this done when fans are supposed to cool the air in the summer?

A winter fan has a switch that you can press to change the rotation of the fan’s blades. Instead of the winter fan cooling off the air when blowing outward, this fan draws heat more fully into the room by drawing the heat upward. By reversing the blade’s rotation, this method allows you to draw heat into those cooler areas in the room caused by drafts.

This winter fan will give the room a more even air temperature as you will instantly feel warmer. The innovative setting on the winter fan will help you lower those heating bills and allow you to use your heater less, reducing wear-and-tear and prolonging the heater’s life. When summer arrives with its hot temperatures, just turn off the heater and switch the fan’s setting again as you can sit in the cool breeze.

Stylish and functional, winter fans and ceiling fans will make the air temperature in your home more comfortable all year round as you’ll absolutely fall in love with the savings. Put an end to the arguments with your significant other about turning up the heat in the wintertime. Use a winter fan to stay warm. Put your winter coat back into the closet while you are inside, and while your boyfriend won’t be afraid to look at the heating bill ever again.

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How to Make Candles at Home

How to make homemade candles

Make homemade Candles then display them with a Unique Candle Holder

Learning how to make candles at home has never been easier! Homemade scented candles enhance any room of your home with a pleasant aroma and attractive appearance. Sometimes, however, you have extra wax that may have lost its original shape or candles that no longer have a wick. Learn how to make candles at home with old wax, and complement any room’s décor!

Homemade Candle Recipe

  1. In addition to your old candles; gather pre-waxed wicks, molds (the molds could be baby food jars, old tins, or molds you buy specifically for the project) and a double boiler pan. Place the molds on a baking sheet, spray them with peanut oil or silicone spray and prepare the wicks.
  2. Next, melt the wax over medium heat in the double boiler and stir it occasionally until it melts.  Please note: the wax will melt more easily if it is broken up into smaller chunks ahead of time.
  3. Slowly pour the melted wax into the molds and center the wick. The wax will harden in around 24 hours, and then you can cut the wicks to 1/4 inch above the wax. You may also want to attach embellishments like seashells, buttons and fabric or cut designs into the hardened wax. Cure the candles for at least a week before you burn them.

Now that you know how to make candles, consider taking candle making to the next level.

As you gain experience, try inserting potpourri, flower petals or other additives such as essential oil, or food coloring into the molds along with the wax.


Pour the hot wax into rough lumps and uneven shapes to create rock candles. Place them in the bathroom, on a sunroom table or in a gift bag for an outdoor enthusiast.


The fragile holes in lace are easy to reproduce in hard wax candles. Simply fill the desired mold with ice cubes. The melted ice leaves holes and tunnels in the candle, and the resulting candles look pretty in a bedroom, living room or as part of a table centerpiece.


Swirled designs form as you mix different colored waxes into the mold. Experiment with bright colors for a bathroom, dark colors for a man cave, or design your own candles in your wedding colors for a fun favor to hand out to your bridal party.

Homemade scented candles look attractive and are fun to make. For more inspiration, beautiful holders and decorative candles, shop the selection at DecoBREEZE today.

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Thinking outside the Box Fan

Decorative Frog Fan One word comes readily to mind when thinking about traditional box fans – UGLY. There’s no way around it. They’re simply bland, unsightly, boring tools to cool and ventilate a home or office space. The flipside is that they are incredibly good at doing the jobs they’ve been tasked with.

You don’t want to live in a boring world, do you? You want something a little more exciting — that offers a little more appeal. You are a unique person with an incredible sense of style and personal taste. You want something that reflects your personality while providing the same degree of cooling comfort you can expect from the typical fans you’ve used in the past.

You want to go from thinking outside the box fan to total boring box fan freedom. It’s a choice and one you can make quite easily thanks to DecoBREEZE. This fun little company has taken the typical box fan your grandfather used and turned it into a work of art that is as functional as it is fun. Leave the old way of cooling your home far behind and opt for something new, different, and quite a bit exciting as your first fan of choice.

Replace your old box fans with a decorative figurine fan. They come in a wide range of whimsical shapes designed to fit well with almost any décor in any room of your home. From cats and dogs to peacocks and roosters, there’s a fan for almost every flavor. These fans are cute and fun making, them ideal for use in homes and offices everywhere. You can set them on desktops, countertops, and even bedside tables without sacrificing style in order to do so.

Going without a fan in the dog days of summer is not an option. Letting your fan go to the dogs, with the small Country Dog figurine fan on the other hand, is another matter altogether. There are few better ways to beat the heat than with these incredibly functional fans that will keep your family cool and calm and your friends dying to know your secret all summer long.

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Cool Gifts for Cat Lovers

cool gifts for cat lovers lampCats rule and dogs drool! If you’re a cat lover, then you know how wonderful it is to have such a pet in your home. Cats exude a level of calm and confidence when they strut around the room with tail held high. Cats know they are masters of their own destiny and don’t answer to anybody (except the opening of a can of tuna fish).  Cat lovers – decorate your home to show the love you have for your furry friend with these cool gifts for cat lovers:

Cat Figurine Electric Luminary

Light up your life with the Cat Figurine Electric Luminary. The beautiful scrolled design on the belly casts playful designs of darkness and light on the walls, as the whimsical expression on the cat’s magnetic face makes you want to scratch the freely rotating head.

Country Cat Figurine Fan

Admit it, cat lovers are cool. Keep even cooler on warm days with this wonderful Fan. This handcrafted steel fan stands at the ready with a cherry nose and striped body, helping keep you cool after the yard work is done, or you simply need a break from the heat.  This “cool” cat fan makes the perfect gift for yourself or your cat lover friends who want to brighten up the decor in their house. While this cat is always running, you won’t ever have to worry about it getting lost as it will be the most talked about conversational piece in your home.

cool gifts for cat lovers

Cat Wine Bottle Stopper

At DecoBREEZE, you are sure to find the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life (especially if that cat lover is you!).  Keep cat lovers cool with a variety of cat-shaped fans, and never miss a feeding time with our selection of:

  1. Cat Clock
  2. Cat Wine Bottle Holder or Bottle Stopper
  3. Colored Cat Candle Holders

DecoBREEZE has all the cool cat gifts for every cat lover. Decorate your home with these stylish and functional gifts that will go with every decor design.

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To Oscillate or Not to Oscillate: That is the Question

Oscillating Fan Fans have been used for centuries to create breeze and generate a little bit of relief from stifling heat. While we’ve come a long way from palm fronds and Oriental hand fans, most home fans built for greater functionality and more efficient wind generation had one distinctive problem: they were quite unattractive. Even with the improvements in wind generation, there was still room for further improvement. Hence, the oscillating fan.

The Great Oscillation Debate

The one major benefit of oscillating fans, such as those in the DecoBREEZE family of fans, is that they provide air to a larger amount of space. In rooms with multiple people, it means that more people in the room get the benefit of a cooling breeze. Other benefits aren’t quite as obvious. One of which, is that the lesser duration of sustained airflow is less disruptive to the environment, a stack of papers for instance, than a longer instance of air blowing on the same surface. With the short burst of air, the papers are ruffled, and then settle. With the longer duration of air, the papers may be blown from the tabletop completely.

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

One common problem with the oscillating fans in the past has been that they’re quite ugly. They’re not fun at all. It’s true that they are highly functional means of moving air, but they aren’t very pretty. At least, they weren’t until DecoBREEZE decided to tackle the problem by creating fans perfect for a wide range of classic and contemporary decors, add to the beauty of the room, and continue to deliver exceptional airflow quality. You get beauty and brawn in one device. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Are you looking for a better way to ventilate and/or cool your home? Open a few windows. Set your DecoBREEZE fan to oscillate. Then, sit back and enjoy the breeze. These fans allow you to enjoy them without robbing your rooms of the beauty you’ve worked so hard to create.

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Catch your Z’s with Ease: The New White Nose Machine

decorative fanSleep isn’t always easy to come by, and some people need all the help they can get. Expensive, gaudy and intrusive white noise machines will sometimes get the job done, but is that really how you want to decorate your bedroom? Consider keeping your sleep space cool, comfortable and calming with the best white noise machine around — the DecoBREEZE.

The DecoBREEZE fan is a free-standing, decorative floor fan that will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom while also providing the benefits of white noise. As this fan blows softly, seamlessly and quietly throughout the night, it will drone out the other noises throughout your home and neighborhood and allow you to drift off easily to dream land.

While DecoBREEZE fans create white noise that allows you to sleep peacefully throughout the entire night, they also promote good sleeping habits by keeping your bedroom cool and comfortable. Summer nights are difficult, regardless of whether you have air conditioning or not. Homes easily get stuffy and humid, which makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. DecoBREEZE have a variety of floor fans that keep air moving throughout your room, allowing you to sleep calmly and enjoy the breeze.

As your DecoBREEZE fan will surely become a permanent fixture in your bedroom, you’ll be glad to know that it will also complement the decor in the room. If you have a pastel room with white furniture, there’s a DecoBREEZE fan for you. Perhaps you prefer the look of bronze antiques. You’ll be thrilled to know that a DecoBREEZE fan has been created for that particular style. With dozens of different designs to choose from, you’ll easily find the DecoBREEZE fan that’s perfect for your home.

You can go ahead and throw out that old, unreliable white noise machine. When you invest in the DecoBREEZE fan, you’ll find that you sleep better than you have in many months. With comfort, style and design as a top priority, the DecoBREEZE fits into your life in more ways than one.

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Cat Fans: Cat Ladies (and Gentlemen) of the World, Unite!

cat candle holderWhether you have one furry feline living in your home, or you are practically considered the neighborhood cat lady, you know that these four-legged creatures carve a special place into your heart. The biggest cat fans love to decorate their homes with specialty cat decor, in order to commemorate their favorite pet and also display their passion for these creatures. At DecoBREEZE, we offer a variety of specialty cat decor products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Perhaps you have two loves in life — your cat and your favorite bottle of chardonnay. If you want to combine your interests, you can purchase our metal cat wine bottle holder as well as our metal cat wine bottle stopper. These stylish metal pieces are practically works of art. They are both fun and functional, and allow you to showcase everything you love about cats while also putting your favorite bottles of wine to good use.

For a touch of ambiance in your home, consider purchasing the cat candle holders that we have available at DecoBREEZE. The first candle holder is a metal figurine of a cat, and it holds five separate square candles. Light the candles up each night, and enjoy this beautiful decoration in your home. If you’re looking for something a little more discreet, opt for the cat rope candle holder. This vertical display has a small metal cat face on it, and also holds five candles. While you are enjoying your new candle holders, be sure to keep them in a place where your cat can’t reach them or accidentally knock them over.

And of course, we can’t forget about our DecoBREEZE cat fans. For the person who is truly passionate about cats, we have several cat floor fans that will add a touch of style to your home while also keeping it comfortable. Enjoy the cool and quiet breezes that DecoBREEZE is famous for, while also adding a touch of detail to your cat-themed home. These decorative fans are perfect for any table top, and would work well in your home or office.

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